Our mission


Ibiza is a magical island. Its natural beauty appeals to the senses and with its 300 days a year of sunshine, we truly find ourselves in a corner of paradise. Its unique energy and open-minded culture elevates Ibiza to an experience of freedom and beauty. The island offers a range of quality produce ripened under the Mediterranean sun. The Taste of Ibiza has carefully selected the finest olives and olive oil, the sweetest oranges and lemons, sun-ripened avocados, boutique wines, spirits and beers, along with traditional cheeses and mouthwatering nuts, such as its world famous almonds, after which the island gets its nickname: the white island (after the white almond blossom that paints the landscape every spring).

Unfortunately, the countless visitors, and the many opportunities they bring, have a downside. They can weigh heavily on the island’s delicate ecosystem and not enough of the profits are returned to locals in need. Plastic waste ends up in the waters surrounding Ibiza’s breathtaking shores and sadly a few too many visitors litter on the beaches or at the side of the road.

The Taste of Ibiza has decided to tackle these growing issues head on.


By selling the finest products the island has to offer, The Taste of Ibiza wants to generate sustainable additional revenues. Part of these profits will be used to tackle environmental and social issues at their source.

The Taste of Ibiza is committed to local entrepreneurs and suppliers. In our mission statement, we require local businesses to set aside part of their additional profits to assist local foundations and charities.

Our strategy substantially contributes to the improvement of Ibiza’s nature and inhabitants – all clearly set out in our regular reports.


The Taste of Ibiza makes excellent selections of local, naturally grown and manufactured produce. These products, in luxurious packaging, will initially be offered to the Dutch market.

Our marketing strategy will be predominantly online, and launched in the Netherlands supported by social networking. The Taste of Ibiza wants to build a sustainability-conscious community. Each member will be an ambassador for our brand. With regular and substantial financial support, The Taste of Ibiza will be the guardian angel the island needs.

The Taste of Ibiza clearly communicates to its buyers that by purchasing one of its exclusive products, they are making a direct contribution to Ibiza’s society, flora and fauna.

In addition, the consumer purchases a sustainable and environmentally friendly product of high quality, which is delicious as well as guilt-free. Consumers can also opt for a direct donation to a selection of local charities at the time of purchase.

Each of our exclusive products represents a story that is in line with the vision of The Taste of Ibiza: quality, sustainability, passion for the product, and welfare of the local society and environment.